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TC School Board

Synopsis of May 6, 2024 TC School Board Meeting

by Steve Keate

The public is encouraged to attend all School Board meetings but, if unable, coverage is available during and after, on-line at

The May 6th meeting was rather uneventful.  Most of the materials presented were procedural in nature and not controversial.  However, three topics were discussed that I’d like to highlight:

  1. Removal of sexually explicit books from school libraries.  During the public comment portion of the meeting, citizens continued to voice strong opinions, both pro and con, on this subject.  This will continue to be a hot topic at future School Board Meetings.  If you have an opinion, you should contact your elected School Board members, or attend a meeting, and make your feelings known.

  2. School Infrastructure Funding.  A near-term milestone required to secure necessary bond funding is the preparation of a detailed “work scope” document.   Creating this document is the responsibility of the School Board.  The Board briefly discussed this item but didn’t provide a detailed update.  Given the importance of this effort, interested citizens should demand that the School Board complete the plan in a timely manner.

  3. School Budget and Taxes.  The School Board has requested that the County Commissioners increase the FY25 school budget by 19% and would therefore require an increase in county-wide property taxes.  The Board Chairman, Kimsey Jackson, asked each Board member whether they would publicly support a property tax increase.  Three Board members (Jackson, Wiener, and O’Neill) voiced their support while two Board members (Dalton and McCoy) did not.  

The next School Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 20th at 6 pm at the Morris Education Center, 225 Rosenwald Lane, Brevard.

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