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TC GOP  Committees

Our goal is to make it easy for you to get involved with your Transylvania County Republican Party. Whether you have five hours a week or three hours a month to give, we can find your contribution happy place. Being involved enables us to pull back the curtain and see the political process up close and in real time. Beginning in 2022, and looking ahead to 2024, we are offering an exciting menu of standing committees designed to support our 15 precincts. It’s extremely gratifying to do your part for the conservative cause. Please consider membership on a TC GOP committee.


A. Required by TC GOP Plan of Organization

B. To include Century Club Chair, Treasurer, TC GOP Chair, VC, +1 or 2

C. Oversight of the Century Club & Building Fund

D. Cultivate new donors/identify new sources of funding

E. Negotiate headquarters lease agreement


A. Required by TC GOP Plan of Organization

B. Shall conduct a yearly audit of the financial records and accounts of the County Republican organization and report such audits to the County Executive Committee for approval


A. Required by TC GOP Plan of Organization

B. Responsible for developing a slate of nominees for Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and eight Members at-large and presenting this slate at the Biennial County Convention

Membership & Outreach

A. Welcome strategy for newly registered Republicans in TC (move-ins, changes)

B. Volunteer database maintained/Field all sign-up sheets and contact info

C. Recruiting volunteers and committee members

D. Working with precinct and committee chairs to slot volunteers

E. Organize volunteers to cover early vote slate card distribution

F. Coordinate w/ precinct chairs Election Day staffing (slate cards)

G. Growing email list

Marketing & Communications

A. Maintain website

B. Social media presence

C. Editorial support (edit “Letters to the Editor”)

D. Traditional media relations, publicity (push out press release if required, appoint a media contact)

E. Paid advertising (billboards, print)

F. Working with Membership & Outreach to grow email list

Elections & Integrity

A. Recruitment and training of poll workers, observers, judges

B. Produce our slate card for early vote and Election Day distribution

C. Yard sign distribution and collection at polling locations

D. Field all Integrity concerns and drill down on any inconsistencies

E. Have at least one committee person present at all BOE meetings

F. Promote voter registration effort

G. Coordinate with Local Government committee to identify municipal candidates and to strategize during 2023 for Municipal Election


A. Staff headquarters

B. Members of this committee serve as co-managers

C. Ongoing training of HQ volunteers

D. Ordering supplies and sale items, campaign literature from candidates

E. Work with Events Committee to execute events staged at headquarters

F. Maintain yard sign inventory


A. Create events in support of TC GOP

B. Coordinate with precinct chairs to execute events throughout the county

C. Oversight of the Breakfast program(s): TC GOP & 276

D. Candidate Meet ‘n’ Greets at headquarters

E. Provide some programming for precincts without a chair


A. Manage county convention, credentials (formerly Trish Hogan’s organizational role)

B. Coordinate, communicate to district and state convention attendees

C. Liaison for TC to district and state conventions

D. Rally attendance for State Convention

E. Carpooling to state

Local Government

A. Preferably B1-B4 residents to be engaged in city government

B. At least one member of this committee would attend and file a brief report to Marketing & Communications Committee on County Commission, School Board, and City Council meetings (5 meetings per month, almost always on Mondays)

C. Help chair and vice chair identify candidates for city government

D. Strategize early for 2023 Municipal Election

I would like to be a committee member!
Choose your committee(s) of interest

Thanks for signing up!

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