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North Carolina Voter Information

What you need to know about voter registration.

North Carolina Voter Registration Information

The following link with navigate you to the NC State Board of Elections, Voter Registration Form. Here you will find all of the registration information for North Carolina.

*Voter Registration Form*

If you need any other information regarding your voter information, please visit the

Transylvania County Election Center Website.


Transylvania County Board of Elections
(828) 884-3114
150 S. Gaston St. - Suite A
Brevard, NC 28712

Ways to Submit this Form


  1. Print and sign the completed form.

  2. Mail the form to:


Transylvania County Board of Elections
PO Box 868
Brevard NC 28712

  1. Print and sign the completed form. Electronic or typed signatures are not acceptable.

  2. Scan or photograph the form. The scan or photo must be legible.

  3. Email the form to

  1. Print and sign the completed form.

  2. Fax the form to (828) 884-8682

  1. Print and sign the completed form.

  2. Return the form to:


Election Center
150 S. Gaston St. - Suite A
Brevard NC 28712

You must mail or deliver this application in-person with your original signature if you are registering to vote for the first time in your county of residence. If you are changing your name, address or party affiliation within your current county of registration, in addition to mail, you may also fax or email a scanned image of your signed application. If you give your signed application to another person or organization to submit on your behalf, be sure the person or organization can commit to timely submitting your application to the proper board of elections.

Look Up Your Voter Registration

Voter Registration
Voter Registration Lookup
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