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Brevard City Council

Synopsis of May 6, 2024 Brevard City Council Meeting

by Jeff Brewer

The biggest news coming out of the Monday, May 6, Brevard City Council meeting was the presentation of the proposed City of Brevard FY25 budget.

Projected at $26,538,255 across all funds, the budget represents a 7% increase over last year.

The link:

Public hearing is Monday, May 20, 5:30 p.m. at 95 West Main Street. City Council expects to approve its FY25 budget June 3. All city residents should review this 214-page document.

The Transylvania Timeswas gracious with a headline that said “City proposes 2 cent tax hike.”

So, yes, the property tax rate is being increased from 48 cents per $100 of assessed value to 50 cents. The funds reportedly are needed to hire three full-time firefighters. The utility rate will increase by 4% as it did last year.

The budget also included creation of a new stormwater fund as well as a new high-strength waste surcharge. The stormwater tax is $4 to $15 per month based on the amount of property surface area impervious to water. HSW surcharge is designed to recoup an estimated $160,000 in additional treatment expense for high-strength waste dumped down the drain.

These new charges certainly will hit business owners harder than homeowners. Furthermore, commercial dumpster fees are going from $20 a month to $100.

During public comment, a spokesperson for businesses on West Jordan Street cited “lack of consistent communication” regarding street closure and business access during stormwater upgrades.

Another speaker urged completion of the Eastatoe Trail, a project started in 2003 and deemed “85 percent.” City Council was asked “to honor the promises.” The speaker asked Council to keep $132,000 in the budget for the “multi-use path fund.”

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