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TC County Commissioners

Synopsis of May 28, 2024 TC Board of Commissioners Meeting

by Herschel Johnson

The Transylvania County Commissioners unanimously passed a fiscal year (FY) 2025 budget with no proposed tax increases. County Manager, Jaime Laughter presented the $76,209,020 budget, representing a 0.9% increase over FY 2024.  There will be no new county personnel or job reclassifications.  The top two expenditures are Personnel (45% of the budget) and Education (27%). There will be a 2% increase in Education funding versus the requested 19% increase. The Transylvania County Schools have reallocated current funds to cover some of the line items included in the originally requested increase.

After the budget discussion, Manager Laughter explained difficulties in getting specific information regarding requested repairs at several county schools and the impact on passing required audits.  Her presentation included detailed documents and email exchanges between county management and the school system management.  The manager recommended new processes to increase transparency and ensure that all the required information is captured, and oversights are eliminated.  Superintendent Dr. Lisa Fletcher, Chief Finance Officer Gabi Juba, and Board of Education Chair Kimsey Jackson were in attendance.

The next meeting is 4 PM Monday, June 10, 2024, at the commissioners chambers.

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