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TC School Board

Synopsis of May 20, 2024 TC School Board Meeting

by Steve Keate

We encouraged the public to attend all School Board meetings but, if unable, coverage is available during and after, on-line at

The May 20th meeting was rather uneventful. Most of the materials presented were procedural in nature and not controversial. However, one topic was discussed that I’d like to highlight:

FY25 Budget. The School Board had proposed to the County Commissioners a 19% increase in year-over-year spending for FY25. The drivers behind the proposed funding increase were to support an expansion of the PreK program and the addition of several counselors to the staff. The County Manager responded with a recommended increase of 2%. Chairperson Jackson and Board Member Wiener expressed their disappointment with the County Manager’s recommendation and continued to advocate for the 19% increase. Superintendent Fletcher indicated that through anticipated employee attrition the additional counselors’ positions could be filled even under the County Manager’s recommended budget. Chairperson Jackson voiced his dismay that a face-to-face meeting had not been held with County leadership to discuss, in detail, their proposed budget request.

The next School Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 3rd at 6 pm at the Morris Education Center, 225 Rosenwald Lane, Brevard.

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