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Brevard City Council

Synopsis of June 3, 2024 Brevard City Council Meeting

by Jeff Brewer

(Excerpts from The Transylvania Times, June 6, 2024)

Brevard City Council adopted a $26,080,655 budget (June 3) for the next fiscal year which avoids a proposed 2 cent property tax increase, but does so by not adding any of the previously requested three full-time employees to the Brevard Fire Department for next year.

Monday night members of the City Council decided to defer expanding the Brevard Fire Department until a later date in order to further review the current contract with the county and negated the need for a property tax increase to be considered for the next fiscal year.

Other changes from the initially presented budget include removing $140,000 in funding for two police vehicles and allocating the money to the City's Downtown Master Plan and work on the Estatoe Trail.

The Council's adopted budget also establishes a dedicated storm water fund to take proactive measures to mitigate future storm water issues.

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