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TC Election Integrity Task Force:
List Maintenance Team

December 2022

Merry Christmas to all Transylvania County GOP members. We want to take the opportunity to update you on what your List Maintenance Team has been doing. We worked hard through and after Election Day both in Transylvania County and in several other NC Counties. We want to thank all our volunteers!

This was the first year of operations for our List Maintenance Team. It was also a year in which Republicans swept every office in the County elections. Some people may believe that is just a coincidence. 

Transylvania County

In Transylvania County, our List Maintenance Team provided poll observers with valuable information to suppress voter fraud. This included:    


(1)  Watchlists of Deceased Voters who were still on the voter rolls. The observers kept an eye out for any effort to vote in the name of deceased persons. Nobody tried to.  


(2)  More Than One Voter ID Number: The Team separately looked for persons who had more than one voter ID, to make sure none voted more than once. None did.    

(3)  Mailbox Dwellers:  The Team also watched for persons whose registered “residence” address was a P.O. Box but who live in Florida and like places. None of them voted either. Was it a coincidence Republicans won this election in a sweep?  Good things happen when elections are fair.

Forsyth and Cabarrus Counties

As our List Maintenance Team was winding down for some well-deserved rest on Election night, we received an urgent call from Forsyth County. Their county GOP chair informed us that machines in all 108 Precincts failed simultaneously, and their security was compromised. We worked late into the night on Election night, putting the Forsyth GOP in contact with voting machine experts across the state. We also developed and extensive list of questions for the GOP chair to ask his election director. After several days, once that work was done, we exited the matter, which eventually led to a protest appealed up to the State level. 

We simultaneously received a call from a Cabarrus County state house candidate who had lost by a mere 450 votes. Winning this seat would give the GOP a veto-proof majority in both the North Carolina House and Senate. He was directed to us after getting no help from any other source. In the days before the Election, someone ran an ad depicting him as a convicted criminal, showing a mugshot and alleging a criminal record. This was all false and downright evil. Worse, a heavily Republican Precinct had failures of its voting machines all day on Election Day, and many conservative voters were turned away from the poll. At the request of the candidate, the List Maintenance Team gathered evidence to file multiple Protests. Ultimately, the candidate decided not to proceed for personal reasons, but the Protests might well have succeeded. 

Our List Maintenance Team has made great strides in its first year of operations and has attained state-wide recognition. We have done this on a shoestring budget of a few hundred dollars. As we plan for the extremely important 2024 Election, we intend to expand our operations and effectiveness. In particular, we want to increase our computer hardware and software capacity so that we can more effectively gather election data and analyze it. Our computer scientist needs this extra capacity to fully assist us. To mitigate his burdens and make more effective use of his resources, we are already putting our volunteers through extensive and demanding training in advanced Excel concepts. In short, we are already putting on a full court press geared towards the 2024 election. We could use your help.


If you are interested in joining or helping the List Maintenance Team, please feel free to contact Palmer Swanson at 916-838-0023 or

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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