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Letter to Century Club Members

A Transylvania County GOP Century Club Update and Request

Greetings Ever Faithful Century Club Members,

First, I want to extend my personal THANKS to each of you for your contributions to the financial side of our TC GOP engine. 

Here are some updates on our goals and plans:

  • We are financially prepared to re-open and maintain a TC GOP headquarters in Brevard year-round and are currently seeking a suitable year-round rental space for our community. 

  • Under County Chair Ruth Harris’ leadership, we have moved from a “holding” posture to a high energy, in-the-game-force, focused on reviving voter integrity, the Republic, and restoring liberty.  

  • We’re doing everything we can to support our County Board of Elections commitment to ELECTION INTEGRITY.

  • We continue the effort to fully staff our precincts, get out the vote in our primaries, and support our candidates with more opportunities for conservatives to come together to discuss the issues, meet candidates, and to celebrate together.

Current Century Club Status

That brings us to a recent evaluation of where we are with our Century Club.  The Finance Committee (County Chair, Ruth Harris; Vice Chair Jeff Brewer, Treasurer, Greg Cochran, myself as Finance Chair, and Val Tisdale, Member at Large) has adopted some changes that have been thoughtfully considered.  New membership levels will be offered in January 2022 for annual membership renewal. Note that we’re offering two higher levels of membership with Diamond, $2,500 and Lifetime, $5,000, and have increased the silver level to $250. Gold remains at $500, and Bronze remains at $100. 







2022 Planned Updates

Here’s what we’d like you to do in January 2022: 

First, renew your membership in January (our traditional renewal month) and consider renewing at a higher level.  We’re working hard to make it possible for you to renew your membership on our website: 

Participate in a membership campaign that asks every member to recruit a member.  We have 32 couples who are both members of Century Club.  If you’re not one of these, consider asking your non-member spouse to join us. 

I’m going to be the first LIFETIME member of Century Club.  Here’s how I see it:  The folks on the other side (the Woke Left) are Godless, angry, unhappy people operating from a Marxist premise of Oppressed and Oppressor.  They currently have the VOICE and are coming for us.  I’d rather invest my financial strength in our Republic than watch the oligarchy of elites come and take it.  We need to:

  • Provide our community a permanent, year-round, accessible GOP Office.

  • Identify competent conservative candidates. 

  • Promote our individual choices during the primaries

  • Put our County GOP weight behind our primary winners.

  • Get our conservative friends to reengage by re-registering Republican.  

Plan to make a difference here in our community starting in January.  I encourage each of you to STAND UP.  You’re a great bunch of generous folks who enjoy our free way of life, like to laugh and have a good time, and encourage others to do well and succeed.  We’re still One Nation Under God.  May He continue to bless and guide us.

With Warm Regards,

Fred Morse

Chair, Finance Committee/Century Club


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